Draw conclusions and write a report on composition of sea water

Find out the composition of sea water.
 Find out why sea water cannot be used for the domestic purposes but it can be used for
industrial purposes. Explain carefully.
 Find out why it is important to know the composition of sea water.
 Find out the techniques to make sea water as fresh water. Explain any 1 processes.
 Draw conclusions and write a report.
The report:
Your report should have the following structure.
1. Introduction: The significance of the study:
Discuss the significance of studying ways to purify water.
Discuss the significance of chemical analysis of sea water.
2. Procedure for data collection:
This presents the methodology described above.
3. Findings (Results and Analysis of Your Data):
In this section you describe what you did and what you discovered about (a) the importance of
identifying chemical changes in water and about (b) the importance of desalination techniques.
4. Discussion of Findings:
In this section you interpret your findings, saying (a) how they relate to the Purpose of the study
(Page 1) and (b) how and why you feel your findings are significant.
5. Conclusions:
In this section you summarize your main findings. Focus on summarizing the Discussion section.
Follow the standard format with Harvard referencing to prepare the report.
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