Davon Robinson
Liberty University
CSIS 325
Doctor-Patient Confidentiality In The Face Of Database
A database is a structured electronic set of data within a computer. Databases help to hold information on individuals. With the increase in numbers in the population worldwide, a computer has become the best storage of data on patient’s medical records. To effectively discuss this topic, I will look at the privacy settings of databases, data protection act, and doctor-patient confidentiality. Patients’ data can be shared across hospitals in cases of referrals and enable them to get the medication they deserve from anywhere in the world. However, a concern with many people is the safety and security of such data. Personal medical data is one of the most confidential information that should be protected against any unauthorized disclosure or use. Individuals have been treated to daily leakages of their data to unauthorized individuals, including hackers, who have gone on to publish the same information and misuse it, including extorting money from the innocent victims who are subject to the data. Some have revealed data of subjects leading to divorces from spouses who would never have set their eyes on the crucial information of their spouses. This goes against the ethically accepted norms that are patient-doctor relationship, privacy, and openness with another person’s medical information. Moreover, violation of these concepts amounts to going against the bible that clearly states holding personal property in an honest and trustworthy manner. Proverbs 11:13, the scripture warns us against slandering and revealing of other people’s secrets; it says that he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing covered. It is upon health institutions and individuals, including health practitioners, to learn to uphold this principle of holding secrets/medical data of others with the utmost care and the confidentiality it deserves.
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