“In this presentation, you must give the staff suggestions for how to work with diverse students and families and how to be sensitive to cultural differences. For example, you may suggest that the teacher changes assignment due dates around religious holidays. 
For this assignment, you will create a staff development workshop for teachers in PowerPoint with speaker notes. This presentation will address the needs of diverse youth, including spiritual and religious needs by discussing the questions listed below. 
Your presentation must address each of the following areas:
· What is diversity?
· What might diversity look like in the classroom?
· What spiritual and religious issues impact diversity?
· How might the staff improve their cultural sensitivity?
· How do religious holidays impact class assignments?
· How might your staff use data to better meet the needs of a diverse classroom?
· What social and emotional factors must your staff keep in mind when working with diverse students?
· Give 3 practical tips classroom teachers can use to promote an inclusive environment and encourage diversity in the classroom.
Your presentation must include the following components:
· The Vernon textbook, the Kimbel & Schellenberg article on “meeting holistic needs,” and a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources must be used in order to develop the presentation;
· Information must clearly align with the ASCA National Model and must address specific ASCA standards and student competencies;
· Detailed presentation notes must be included on each slide of the presentation in the notes section (seek assistance from Liberty University’s technology department or use an online tutorial if you do not know how to add presentation notes to PowerPoint slides);
· Citations and a references slide in current APA format must be included; and
· Informative and visually appealing content must be included. 
Article –  https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy.liberty.edu/docview/1558312728?accountid=12085”
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