Disproportionate representation in higher education

“Write a 4-5 research on a contemporary issue facing higher education in America or a recurring historical problem (e.g, access for undocumented immigrants, for-profit education, disruption of higher education, rising campus sexual assaults). This can be done by looking at the issues/problem from a national or state viewpoint or as it occurs on a college campus. The goal is to describe the issue/problem by looking through the lens of organizational behavior and culture in higher education. Therefore, you will not only describe the problem but what is occurring in terms of the organizations’ culture that may have precipitated the problem. The paper must include the 3 following major components, but can include additional information as well:
Review the issue/topic/problem and causesÂ
The impact of the issue/topic/problem
How the issue/topic/problem can be understood through the lens of organizational behavior and/or culture”
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