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THIS IS A TWO PART DISCUSSION. I DO NOT NEED A TITLE PAGE. THERE IS NO WORD COUNT. PLEASE READ THE ASSIGNMENT. EVERYTHING HILIGHTED, RED AND/OR UNDERLINED IS IMPORTANT. PLEASE DO EACH SECTION SEPARATE.Section  1. As educators, the guidelines or sets of strategies on which the approaches to teaching are based are called Instructional Models. After reviewing the Evidence-based models of teaching document, in two or three sentences, summarize each of the following instructional models SEPARATELY:1.  The Direct Instruction model  Pg. 148-149 2.  Cooperative Learning model Pg. 154  3. PBL model Pg. 156  158 4. Inquiry-Based model Pg. 159-160  Section 2 After summarizing the instructional models in Section  One, justify which is most appealing to you and why.  Be sure to include how the model engages students and how it matches your personal tendencies(hint: Pg. 166-167 of the Evidence-based models of teaching document has a quick overview of all of the four models above).
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