Discussion five

As a professional in the field of child development, you must stay current with the latest research and practices.Â
Initial Post – For this discussion, visit the Ashford University Library to locate an article that was published within the last 10 years on an area of child development that you find interesting and meaningful to your professional career. Some examples might include:Â
Brain based researchSchool readinessThe role of technology on developmentDiverse family structures impact on developmentAccess to health careNutrition and wellnessAfter finding an appropriate scholarly resource, review and include the following in your discussion:
 Summarize the article in your own words.Explain how this article relates to other discussions or content you have learned in this course (ex: ages and stages, developmental milestones/domains/parenting styles).Discuss how you might use this knowledge in your future professional role.Be sure to provide an APA 6th edition citation within your discussion, so your peers can read your article.”
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