Discussion 1

Suggest two strategies for assessing physical development and two strategies for increasing a child’s interest in physical activity. How would you incorporate these strategies into an overall plan based on improving motor skills as well as coordination, strength, and endurance?
One-on-One Interaction Plan
Design an assessment, play, or interaction activity that allows you to interact with a child age eight or younger in a one-on-one situation. Create a plan that allows you to demonstrate and see one of the theories from last week’s readings in action (for example, Piaget, Gardner, Vygotsky, Skinner). Your interaction should help promote the child’s role in directing his or her learning.
In Unit 2, you were tasked with designing your one-on-one interaction activity and sharing it with peers. This week, you will interact with the child and then write your results and reflection for submission at the end of the unit. Include in your reflection your analysis of the communication techniques you used during the interaction, such as verbal, nonverbal, and listening techniques, and how these interactions led to improved learning for the child.
Write a 2-4-page paper in which you present three sections:
Describe the interaction and intended goals, linking them back to the theory you intended the interaction to demonstrate.
Describe the implementation of the interaction and the child’s reaction to it.
Analyze the interaction and describe what worked well to improve the child’s self-directed learning, what did not work well, and what you would adapt if doing it again. Remember to always tie this back to your theory.
To protect the confidentiality, please do not mention real names of those with whom you conduct the activity.”

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