Discussion 1 The Role of Fiber in Disease There is growing evidence that dietary fiber can help prevent many diseases

Discussion 1The Role of Fiber in DiseaseThere is growing evidence that dietary fiber can help prevent many diseases, from high blood pressure to heart disease, and possibly even cancer. For this week’s Assignment, you will be reading through some of the research that discusses fibers role in preventing these diseases.Assignment Instructions:Your Assignment this week is to research one peer-reviewed journal article from the KU Library providing scientific evidence that fiber helps prevent disease. Review the article and answer each of the questions in the Assignment template. A scoring guide and sample paper are available in Course Documents to guide you.Template attach belowDiscussion 2The purpose of the Week 2 assignment Narrowing the Focus and Organizing Ideas is to construct a thesis statement. You also develop three topic sentences relative to the thesis, and locate one resource from the University Library for the Expository Essay due in Week 5. Complete the Narrowing the Focus and Organizing Ideas worksheet. Discussion 3Reflection QuestionsThink about the research question you posted to the Discussion. Restate your question and answer the following questions:1.  Why are you interested in this question?2.   What do you hope to learn and how will this impact your work as an educator?3. Who else might gain from this research question (other teachers, school/company administrators, students, parents, etc.) and what will they gain? 4. Based on what you know about the topic, and your experience as an educator, what you do you expect the answer to your research question to be? Why do you think of Reflection Question Think about the research article you posted in the Discussion and answer the following questions:What strategy did you use to select the article you posted to the Discussion Board?Was that strategy effective and do you plan to adjust that strategy to locate other related articles?
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