digital forensic

In your capacity as a digital forensic investigator of Worldwide Investigations Ltd. you have been requested to lead the team that has been assigned to investigate a potentially compromised system. The system’s owner has been charged with offences that relate to accessing servers and downloading illicit photographs of cats on their system. However, they deny any allegations claiming the presence of the illicit material must have been the result of some malicious software that downloaded the material without their knowledge. You are provided with the digital forensic image of the suspect’s system and you need to work on the following areas to complete the investigation.
Digital Forensic Tools and Techniques There is a large range of digital forensic tools available that aim to support a digital forensic investigation by accommodating different devices, platforms, and techniques. You are required to produce a report that critically evaluates and discusses the range of tools you considered and the toolkit you created and made use for the investigation of the provided scenario.
Research on available tools (e.g. autopsy) 8
Evaluation of tools and techniques 10
Organisation and discussion 7
Report structure and References 5
Total Points: 30
More about the project:
– Word Limit: 1700
– 1 week time
– Only use peer reviewed sources by experts
– I’m using a software called Autopsy for the investigation and the research should compare and evaluate Autopsy with other tools (around 4 tools – I will confirm the number of tools tomorrow). I’m using Autopsy because the victim had used windows OS, therefore using Autopsy will scan the entire imagine with many features that can be used for reporting.

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