Differences between Chemistry and Biology

Outline for a Five-Paragraph Essay
Title: Differences between Chemistry and Biology
I. Introduction
A. Introductory statement:
The intellectual and systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment is called science.
B. Thesis statement:
Even though Chemistry and Biology might seem to be similar as they remain an important part of science, however chemistry is the complex subject due to its scientific discipline, requirements, and materials.
II. Body
A. First Supporting Idea (Topic Sentence):
Chemistry is more focused on the scientific discipline that involves
1. Elements
2. Compounds
3. Equations
B. Second Supporting Idea (Topic Sentence):
the study of chemistry has a stronger requirement than Biology
1. Observation
2. Breaking down and rebuilding
3. Trials and error
C. Third Supporting Idea (Topic Sentence):
Chemistry can have many other materials involved in it, while Biology is not as complex
1. Chemistry can overlap with physics
2. Uses calculations
3. Dedicated to covering new substances of which matter is composed
III. Conclusion
A. Closing statement: Chemistry is an important and advanced field science that is also linked to every other type of science which also involves biology.
B. Restate thesis: Both Chemistry and Biology remain as important parts of science, but they are not as similar as they seem due to Chemistry being a far more complex subject.
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