Develop big data strategy

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To achieve competency in this unit you must demonstrate your ability to:
1. Establish business case for big data strategy
2. Develop and review proof of concept for big data strategy
3. Draft and consult on big data strategy
4. Develop big data road map supporting business strategy
Performance Evidence
Evidence of the ability to:
● Develop one big data strategy for a work area
Knowledge Evidence
To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, you must:
● Legislative requirements relating to big data strategy, including data protection and privacy laws and regulations
● Organisational processes, policies, procedures and protocols to develop big data strategy, including for:
o creating inventory of big data assets
o seeking and integrating feedback on draft strategy
o distributing and storing final version of big data strategy
● Organisational requirements to be reflected in big data strategy:
o key factors set out in business case
o potential infrastructure changes required for strategy implementation
o training requirements associated with big data strategy
o financial impact of big data strategy
● Key components of big data strategies, including requirement to ensure:
o balance between availability and confidentiality of big data
o support for a highly available big data management system with fault-tolerant failover services
● Factors to be reflected in big data strategies, including:
o big data policy issues relating to security, intellectual property, governance and privacy
o new and emerging technologies and platforms of relevance to strategies
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