Develop a Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan

WARNING!!! This is a multi step process. DO NOT Take this assignment if you cant follow directions. This is very important. Follow ALL directions and complete all steps. DIRECTIONS
1.  Go to www.iriscenter.com2.Click on Behavior and Classroom Management3.  Click on
Modules4.  Choose Classroom Management (Part 2): Developing Your Own Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan Copy the module guidelines(or outline) to your computer and complete the answers as you work through the module. Please use a different color font for your answers and be sure you do your own work. Your product should be substantially different from any other student work and different from the examples on the website. If you do a good job with this assignment, I believe you will have a quality product to present to a principal or other interested party!
The guidelines are designed to help you complete the separate document which is the behavior management plan on the IRIS website. Please keep the two documents separate. I hope you will end up with a completed behavior management plan that has LOTS of details!The website will continue to direct you to create your own plan. Keep following those directions. Be sure you do all 5 parts of the action plan and follow the guidelines. Make sure to include your skits in the process, materials, and outcomes section in the student recognition part of the action plan. When you finish your plan on the website, it will direct you to click on a link to print. Click on this and your beautiful plan will pop up. Right click and choose select all. Then right click again and choose copy. Open a Word document and then right click and choose paste. Your plan will now be in your documents. Then you can upload this to submit. Please upload your guideline page and the worksheet each separately. You can combine the guideline and worksheet page if you wish, but leave the plan as a separate document.
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