Defining Activities, Tasks, and Durations

Chapter Six
Defining Activities, Tasks, and Durations
Learning Objectives:
After reading the chapter the individual will:
Be able to create an activity or task
Understand how to best group or categorize activities and tasks
Be able to create activity and tasks descriptions that are valid and understandable from the user of the schedule
Be able to determine activities and tasks durations based on productivity and crew size
Illustrate a Work Breakdown structure and be able to discuss why it is used
Understand the relationship between tasks descriptions and level of detail
Be able to apply the appropriate time to the overall schedule and activities
Activity, Tasks, Durations,
Activity, Tasks, Durations, Resources, WBS, AON
Potential Illustrations:
Typical Activity on Node Task
A Work breakdown structure
Worksheet for developing durations
Basic Outline:
Chapter Introduction
Defining an Activity or Task
Activity Details. Descriptions, and Level of Detail
Type of Activities and Tasks
(How they are used in the schedule, i.e. design, pre-construction, submittals, construction, closeout, commissioning)
How to decide on the activities or tasks themselves. (Descriptions in depth)
Work breakdown and Identification of activities/tasks
Choosing the time basis for the schedule and activity/task
Defining Durations (How are they determined?)
Using the estimating or budget to determine durations for self performed work
Using the subcontractors quotes to determine durations for specialty work
Corresponding with subcontractors in determing durations and sequence
(Predecessors and successors – in general)
Productivity, Crews and their relationship to durations
Discussion of weather and the schedule
Chapter Conclusion or Summary
Notes from Hal:
I would like to use the words activity and task as the same.
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