Define core conflict

Read Chapter 12 and answer the following questions:
1.  Define core conflict.
2.  What relationships have been linked to the development of self-esteem in primary-age children?
3.  How much time (%) do primary-age children spend with their peers?
4.  List five (5) basic developmental functions of friendships.
5.  Define moral realism, preconventional level of morality, and conventional level of morality.
6.  How does stress affect emotional development in primary-age children?
7.  How does being aware of a child’s personality assist in planning groupings or pairings?
8.  How do physical arrangements support interaction in primary-age children?
9.  Describe a work group for primary-age children.
10.  List eight (8) social skills that can be taught directly.
11.  How do you teach negotiation skills?
12.  What is a social perspective?
Title: Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Author: Carol Gestwicki”
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