Decision Analysis- Daylight Alchemy Corporation- The Cyclone Enzyme

We have discussed concepts and tools that fit into each of these phases. You are to determine which
concepts and tools are appropriate and use them. You should think about which tools would help you
analyze the decision or would aid in bringing the decision-maker to clarity of action.
Your write up should follow the phases of the DA cycle, and should be directed to your Boss in your
consulting firm, who is well versed in DA. This means you do not need to explain how the tools work, but
just how you implemented them and the results obtained (what you learned from each step).
He will be looking for a well-structured analysis and your write up should be easy to follow.
Follow these general guidelines when writing up your case:
• Include a table of contents as the first page of your write-up and identify key parts of your analysis
• Place each concept or tool on a separate sheet of paper. For example, if you choose to use a value
model you should write it up or print it out on a separate sheet of paper.
• Include in the appendix printouts of your entire spreadsheet showing your work (value model, trees,
and any relevant data table used to generate results, etc.) Make sure you clearly label them as well as
reference them throughout your report.
During the Appraisal phase you should (among other things) state on which part of the analysis you
would focus next. What questions would you ask? What assumptions would you test? What new ideas
would you suggest?
We have provided you an Excel value model template, if you would like to use it. It is called “Value
Model Template”. You have received a step by step guide to do Tornado diagrams using excel that you
may find to be useful.
Additional Notes:
• Do not assume the distributions provided are normally distributed
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