Database systems management project in oracle apex

Project Proposal Your main task is to develop and administrate a database for an information system. In order to do this systematically, you will need to perform at least the subtasks described in terms of project reports. Firstly, you need to identify a business or a problem, which needs a database management system, and later develop a solution for this problem. The system to be developed is the Library Management System Reports 1. Describe the problem concisely. Why is a database a good idea for this task? 2. Describe the intended classes of users of your database system. 3. Construct the conceptual ER diagram for the project. 4. Document the ER diagram. 5. Create a logical (relational) schema from the above ER diagram. 6. Write PL/SQL scripts to implement the database 7. Write PL/SQL scripts to realize all the learnt concepts in the course (Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Packages, users, transactions, XML, etc.)
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