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Design and implement a database for a nonprofit organization’s volunteer management software. The way that many nonprofits manage and schedule volunteers is very similar. Typically they have projects that need volunteers, and often have a room or location that must be staffed according to a schedule. For instance, a food bank needs to staff time slots in the actual food bank, but also may have one time events such as fundraising parties that must be staffed, and other projects, like maintaining a website, that are not associated with times. Similarly, a hospital may need volunteers to work in the pediatric playroom during certain time slots, or to come in and read to children. Therefore, it is common to use a genetic volunteer management system, which will always have a database underlying it.
Your database will need to maintain records for all the volunteers, including their names, addresses, contact info, project preferences, date accepted as a volunteer, and total hours worked to date. Volunteers can hold particular positions within the organization, such as pantry supervisor, or webmaster, or chair of the annual fundraiser. A volunteer can hold more than one position. Volunteers also sign up for projects, such as pantry duty, or fundraiser cleanup, or phone bank. Each project has a name, one or more locations, a supervisor, a description, and possibly other information. Here is an example of a nonprofit (Ronald McDonald House of Manhattan) that has numerous projects that volunteers can register with.
Projects that have to schedule slots are associated with a list of timeslots, for example, Sept 22 from 2pm to 5pm, Sept 22 from 5pm to 7pm, etc. Each timeslot is associated with exactly one project. Volunteers can schedule to work in particular timeslots for projects they have registered for. Timeslots may have multiple volunteers scheduled for the slot, depending on the needs of the project. There are also donors that must be managed. Donors will have names, and contact information, and an employer in many cases (employers often have matching donation programs). Donors give money to specific projects. A donor may give to multiple projects, and each project may have multiple donors. A donation has a date and an amount as well as being associated with a project and with a donor. The requirements listed above are not final or complete. You are likely to need to add attributes, for example, for each of the entities. You should begin by researching actual newspaper sites and seeing how information is organized.
WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE 1. Identify the entities and relationships for your library. Write a report, explaining each entity and relationship and justifying it with sample data. This ER model should have all primary and foreign keys specified, as well as relationships with correct cardinality and participation constraints. You can find online tools such as Graphity ( .

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