Qualitative Traditions and Research Approaches (1500 words , APA format)

IP 1, Qualitative Traditions and Research Approaches (1500 words , APA format)
Qualitative Research Approaches and Designs
Considering your research problem that you presented in the Discussion Board, locate 1 published dissertation (within the last 5 years) using each of the following:
• A study described by the author as being a phenomenology or phenomenological study
• A study described by the author as being a grounded theory study
• A study described by the author as being a case study
For each dissertation and methodological choice, prepare a discussion of each dissertation source that includes the following:
• Full APA citation(s) in proper format
• Author’s abstract
• Your annotation, which includes an analysis of the following:
o An overview, in your own words, of the qualitative research design
o The population from which participants were recruited
o The sampling plan used by the researcher
o Brief description of the data collection procedures
• Your evaluation of the effectiveness of the above.
IP 2, Qualitative Data Collection (1250 words , APA format)
Use of Interviews for Qualitative Data Collection
For this assignment, you will describe a procedure for the use of interviewing as a qualitative data collection method. You will create an interview protocol that contains the following required components:
• Type of interview with rationale
o Semistructured
o Responsive
o Narrative
• Planned location and estimated length of interview process
• Plans for the following:
o Recording and transcription
o Recording of nonverbal cues
Be sure to cite the qualitative scholarly research guide you are using to create your interview protocol using accurate APA format.
IP 3, Qualitative Data Analysis ( 1500 words )
Coding Qualitative Data
In this Individual Project you will conduct a practice round of Qualitative Data Coding.
• Review various methods of coding at Methods Map Coding Coding. Methods Map. Sage Research Methods.
• Select one method of coding for this assignment.
• Download the practice qualitative dataset and select one of the letters as sample qualitative data for this coding practice.
• Provide the results of your coding process, using a diagram to present your findings. Your diagram could be in a matrix format (table) or a concept chart (node network). Refer to your assigned readings on diagramming or other resources explaining how to graphically display qualitative patterns from coding.
Your submission should include the following:
• Description of your coding process used
• List of codes used to code the dataset
• Diagram of coding patterns
• Brief narrative summary of your graphic diagram
IP 4, Qualitative Data Trustworthiness ( 1250 words )
Evaluation of Qualitative Data Trustworthiness
Using the data set you downloaded for Unit 3, complete the following:
• Describe how you would evaluate the 4 criteria of qualitative data trustworthiness for the dataset: Credibility, dependability, confirmability, and transferability.
• Ensure use of evidence-based writing as you offer illustrations that support the claims made, and cite the unit readings to support your rationale.
Each of the four criteria should be addressed in at least 1 paragraph, and the submission should include an appropriate introduction and conclusion for a coherent essay format using accurate APA format.
IP 5, Research Method Choice for Dissertation Research (3000 words)
The Research Method Rationale
Look ahead to the Dissertation Research Prospectus that you will be expected to prepare in RES861 to describe the key elements of your desired doctoral research. Consider the instructions for drafting the Research Method Rationale section of the Prospectus and if you have begun this section in a prior course, refine it or write a first draft of a research method choice for your dissertation study for this assignment.
By Unit 6, you may already have a strong sense of whether you will choose a qualitative or quantitative method for your dissertation research, so feel free to draft the rationale for your actual method choice at this point in time. Choose the research method that you see best aligns with your research focus, and justify your decision using appropriate scholarly research guides that you have sourced throughout this course and your other research methods courses.
The rationale should be at least 3 paragraphs in length and well cited with appropriate scholarly research guides or specific scholarly research you have sourced as a specific research method and research design choice you are considering for your dissertation research study.
It can be helpful to draft this section directly within the Dissertation Research Prospectus Template knowing you will carry this document forward to develop in RES861, so please do so for this assignment submission.
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