Cyber Security: Sanctions and Impacts of unauthorized access


Cyber security plays a vital role in technology, process, and protection of networks, data from attacks, damages, and programs. Cybersecurity is highly used in military, government, corporate, medical organizations, and stores in storing data on devices such as computers.

Moreover, the development of cybersecurity has a significant portion of data management and storage, whether on intellectual property and personal information and financial data. In businesses, there is the transmission of sensitive data through different devices.

The art of cybersecurity is that it clearly describes the discipline that is dedicated to protecting the systems and information in the processing sites. Most of the companies all over the world use cyber security to safeguard the information that is related to health, national security, and financial records to their business.
Additionally, there are challenges in the process of incorporating cybersecurity in businesses and other corporates. Due to the occurrence of challenges, there is a need to have adequate cybersecurity to have a successful information system. There are unwanted users, intrusions, and attacks in network security.

There is a need for the use of apps for application security that will involve in the update and ensuing that the programs are secure form the attacks.
Cybersecurity has been the best way of securing information, which has been the biggest challenge in the present day.

Cyber-crimes are the first thing that comes in our minds once we think of cybersecurity, which has been reported to increase each day. There is takes of measure from the government and companies to prevent cyber crimes. Moreover, there is a considerable concern to many people besides various standards of cybersecurity.

Cyber security measures advancement

Most of the government businesses have made computers the mainstay in their management and in planning their development. There is a drive towards electronics in most countries as a platform of growth in economies.

The access of technology has implicated to people being in a position to access government services from whichever location they are located. Through the use of daily activities in the growth of the economy, there has been an increase in computer crime and information regarding the business, government, health, and even security.

The problem has to lead to the development of law and policy to reduce the growth of cyber crimes. This paper shows an illustration and discussion of how Saudi Law is against cyber crime about its IT. Moreover, it shows the relation of the Saudi Arabian government and the anti-cyber crime law.


Currently, technology is available; people can send or receive any form of information or data through computers and other devices.

However, how secure the transmitted data is safe from hackers is the main issue under cybersecurity. The growth of technology is the fastest of everything along with the world. hence resulting in more development of accessible software that can be quickly identified by hackers.

There is a change in humankind due to the availability of the technical environment urging the essence of security in personal and government information.

Cybersecurity has been not only been in securing information but also in the field like cyberspace.  There is also a need for a high level of security in  latest technologies, like mobile computing and cloud computing.

The security of the technologies within the human being has become more critical due to personal details in daily activities. It has become a new service by the government to initiate a better and safer internet to enhance the development of the economy.


There is a need for a comprehensive and safer approach to killing cybercrime through secure software and personal verification. Enforcement of law can support the technical measures to involve the investigation and prosecution of cyber securities more effectively. Many governments, including the Saudi government, impose strict law cybercrimes to prevent loss of information.
In the 21st century, there was a rapid growth of computing hardware, software, and telecommunications. The reach of technology within the small business and home user was less expensive, making it available and more powerful.

The availability of technology-enhanced interconnection through the Internet. The Internet was the medium for the rapid growth of technology and the transaction of information worldwide. The development of the Internet demanded an excellent way to protect computers and information transacted.

Information system security is the platform that protects unauthorized access or any modification of information from devices. The policy under the access of unauthorized access must be followed despite storage and against denial of users.

Types of cyber-crimes

The high growth of technology results in the development of cyber-crime in different paths. Moreover, cyber criminals are advancing in the method of attacking the users’ information and formations of a new platform that is directed to eliminate them.

The criminal can conduct online transaction-based activities that push the political agendas causing reputational damages to government and individuals. In this section, there will be discussions of the various technologies involved in cyber-crime.


Hacking is accessing the computer, viewing information, and creating data without destroying data or harming the device. Most of the time, people mistake hackers to be wrong and involvement in crimes.

The people who involve themselves in the creation of viruses are crackers. Other commonly used methods include virus dissemination, phishing, denial of service attack, and spamming.

Cyber Crime in Saudi Arabia Current Situation

Data Technology profoundly affected the Arab world in the most recent decade, which brings about an increment of Internet clients step by step. About 15.8 million Internet clients in the Kingdom toward the finish of 2012, speaking to a populace entrance pace of approximately 54.1% contrasted with 5% in 2001 ( CITC yearly report, 2013).

The Communications and Information Technology Commission in Saudi Arabia gauges and field reviews demonstrate that there are around three clients for each fixed broadband membership, both private and business. There is additionally more than one client for each portable broadband membership. Further, various clients have both improved and versatile memberships.
Typically, the interest for Internet administrations will increment fundamentally in the following hardly any years because of the accessibility of fiber optic organizations at too high speeds (particularly in enormous urban communities), developing Internet content, and the spread of handheld shrewd gadgets and applications.

Cyber security review in Saudi Arabia

Digital wrongdoing cost the Kingdom SR 2.6 billion in 2012, as indicated by a report delivered by Symantec. Symantec had the discoveries of its yearly Norton Cybercrime Report, one of the world’s most significant buyer cyber-crime studies.

The study was pointed toward seeing how cyber-crime influences buyers, and how the reception and development of innovations sway individuals’ security with discoveries dependent on self-announced encounters of more than 13,000 grown-ups across 24 nations.

In the Kingdom, it is assessed that more than 3.6 million individuals succumbed to cyber-crime in the year 2012, suffering a normal of $ 195 in direct budgetary misfortunes, and 40 percent of the nation’s informal communication clients have succumbed to cyber-crime on interpersonal interaction stages.

Of the casual communication clients, 20 percent have been casualties of social or versatile cyber-crime in the previous year in the Kingdom contrasted with 21 percent worldwide. Furthermore, there were numerous online grown-ups are unconscious with regards to how probably the most widely recognized types of cyber-crime have advanced throughout the long term, and subsequently struggle to perceive how malware, for example, infections, follow up on their PC.

Indeed, the examination discovered 40 percent of grown-ups in KSA don’t realize that malware can work in an attentive style, making it difficult to know whether a PC has been undermined, and the more significant part is not sure that their PC is as of now perfect and free of infections.

Implication of Research

The statistical analysis of the sample survey exposes the truth circumnavigating the usage of the Internet and unwanted methods of attacks that are injected on the Internet to the secured computer systems. There have been destroying of protective superlative engineering brigades that have intelligence and skills crafted.

The main objective of the security is to measure tools that are calibrated, proving there are security measures, and capability to respond to vital information. There has been a presentation of malicious tools of attack used in the cybercrimes and main methods used by hackers as a specimen for awareness among internet users. Their dependency has been a challenge to common users due to the dangerous growth of the Internet.

Thesis Statement

The Internet is a medium that is holding information technology encompassing every kind of lifestyle that is causing a transition in the human lifestyle. There is a need to have a regulation method along cyberspace to ensure no challenges, such as cyber-crimes.

The forum is to initiate new cyber shielding methods in the Saudi and the Middle Eastern countries to control and secure the internet platform without exploitation and make it useful. The government of Saudi redrafted new legislation to restructure the cyberspace relating to the information internet.

The effects of cyber-crimes bring the essence of law and policy to implement controlling the impacts in the development of technology. The implementation can be achieved by comparing and comparing the cyber-crimes in Saudi.

The methodology of the study

This study is an explanatory one, and methodology is multi pronged used to complete the task. The study uses descriptive and analytical methods through historical development and concern of the legal framework.

Based on the data gathered from annual reports, the analysis of the impact of cyber-crimes and standard mechanism in Saudi. The study of journals, newspapers, and articles published in books and internet websites. Data and information on cyber-crime will be both primary and secondary sources to have an exact comparison. The use of both sources has enabled the completion of the study. The implementation of cyber-crime policies and laws determines the level of cyber-crime in the country.

Chapter 2
Cyber Crime

Cyber-crime is a crime conducted via the Internet. It is assumed to be any criminal activity through networks and computers. Illegal activities can vary from emails to the theft of government data and information through remote devices in the world.

Downloading the private music file is also considered as the cyber-crime because it is access of information without being authorized. Non-money offenses can also be cyber-crime involving the spread of virus and display of confidential data on social media.

The use of computers has made growth in cyber-crimes through network intrusions and the injection of the virus on the computer. However, technology is playing a significant role in the development of cyber-crimes, which, on the other hand, increases along with technological advancements.


Any 0rganization will consider every security measure, including privacy and security, to ensure no leakage of information regarding their businesses. Currently, most people living in Saudi contain information and data that are primarily maintained in cyber form or digital sites.

The Internet is providing a space for users to feel safe interacting with friends and families.
Trends Changing Cyber Security
The following are the trends that have been a significant impact on cybersecurity.

Web Servers

There is the use of web applications by cyber-criminals to extract data and distribute malicious code. Most of the cyber-criminals distribute their malicious code using the legitimate web servers that the compromise.

However, the biggest threat is data-stealing, which creates attention along on social media. There is a need to emphasize protecting both web applications and web servers. Cyber-criminals prefer web servers as the best platforms to steal the data.

The user must browse safely, especially during transactions of confidential information, to reduce the chances of crimes.
Cloud computing and its services
Small, medium and large companies in Saudi are using the Internet and are slowly adopting the cloud services. This has developed a big challenge for cybersecurity due to the accessibility of the Internet and traffics.

There is a need for policy to control web applications and cloud services to prevent loss for essential data and information. In the latest trends in Saudi, there are challenges of cybersecurity, and traffic that shows the level of crime around the Internet.

Mobile Network

Today we can associate with anybody in any aspect of the world. In any case, for these portable organizations, security is an exceptionally huge concern. Nowadays, firewalls and other safety efforts are getting permeable as individuals are utilizing gadgets, for example, tablets, telephones, PC’s and so forth, all of which again require additional protections separated from those present in the applications used.

We should consistently consider the security issues of these portable organizations. Further versatile organizations are profoundly inclined to these digital violations a great deal of care must be taken if there should be an occurrence of their security issues.

Chapter 3
Cases of cyber-attacks in Saudi Arabia

The King Saudi University official websites were hacked, which was a public university located in Riyadh. The database of 812 users was hacked and later dumped on the Internet, including their mail addresses and passwords.
Aramco, a state-owned oil company, experienced a cyber-attack where almost 30 000 computers were injected with the virus. The attack destroyed information and data, erasing their hard-drives. The main idea of hacking the computers at the company was to stop producing oil in Aramco Company.
There have been sabotaging Saudi Arabia websites under political issues, which were heavy cyber-attacks from other countries.

The Anti-cyber Crime Law in Saudi Arabia

Shariah is the main body of law in KSA that comprises of fundamental principles that are derived from different sources and then implemented. The sources are said to be witnessed actions of Prophet Mohammed.

There are specific penalties for any prohibited activities that are set in the holy Qur’an. However, there might be the use of a judge to determine the appropriate liability against the show. The most penalties used are compensation for the damage and imprisonment.

Saudi Arabia law bodies can only judge and awards proven damage. Law no. 126 of 2012 is a new Saudi Arabia cyber crime agreement that addresses electronic crimes such as internet crimes, hacking, and cyber-terrorism. The agreement also shows the use of enforcing copyright law.

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