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I have 3 research assignments that I need help with. Each of these research assignments will be in 3000 words. Below are the assignments
1) I need you to pick one of the below topics
Analysis of Ransomware attacks in practice
• Analysis of recent data breaches in practice
• Analysis of online financial scams in practice
• Analysis of critical infrastructure security issues
• Analysis of insider threats in practice
2) Below is the second assignment.
The aim is for you to extend and demonstrate your knowledge towards the
relevance of cyberpsychology to cybersecurity and related topic areas, and to provide critical analysis and evaluation regarding those concepts and related topics. Your account of the real-world example should illustrate how cyberpsychology contributes to your understanding of the scenario.
You will need to do your own research in order to produce a well-researched and evidenced report, supported with references (in BU Harvard format). The report must demonstrate your structured critical analysis and evaluation of the subject area that substantiates your understanding of the problem and subsequent considerations and recommendations towards addressing the problem.
Catfishing continues to be a problem for online social interactions and often results in a number of consequential impacts. Although this form of social engineering has been a common attack for a number of years, people continue to unwittingly fall for these attacks.
Based on the scenario, your first task is to investigate a well-publicized example catfishing scenario to identify elements of the attack that involved a model and basketball star (Paparella et al. 2017).
In your next tasks, your research, critical analysis, evaluation, and findings of the catfish scenario should be clearly structured, leading to recommendations based on this attack towards reducing risk (e.g. security, privacy, and safety) by promoting and raising awareness towards catfishing – changing attitudes
and behaviors, and motivating that change
PART A – Investigation and reporting of a publicly disclosed security incident (max. 2,400 words, excluding references)The end of 2020 was marked by a significant cybersecurity event, the so-called SolarWinds hack, affecting a wide range of organizations. For this part of the report, you will need to conduct a study of incidents relating to this event, focus on a particular victim organization/sector and produce a report with the following main sections:
1. Brief introduction to the event, indicative list of organizations, sectors, and stakeholders affected.
2. Research into publicly available technical analysis, including Indicators of Compromise. Select one particular IoC (e.g. a domain, a dll, etc.) and conduct research to illustrate the relevance and context of the underlying IoC by showing how this IoC is related to the compromise. You may include references to the cyber kill chain and/or use appropriate standardized descriptions (e.g. the ATT&CK framework)
3. Pick a representative organization affected by the breach. Focusing on this organization: refer to NIST’s Incident Handling guide
Assuming that there was an effective incident handling plan in place, how would the detection and analysis phase of the Incident Response Lifecycle look like? To answer this, the following aspects should be considered:
a. Assessment of the likely threat actor(s)
b. How would the incident have been effectively discovered?
c. What would the initial analysis entail?
d. What would the functional, information impact, and recoverability from the incident be?
e. Who would need to be notified?
4. For the organization in (3), what are the lessons learned from this breach? What actions should be taken or controls implemented in order to reduce the risk of a similar attack in the future?
PART B – Quantitative analysis of software vulnerabilities (Jupyter notebook)
For this part of the assignment, you will need to use ENISA’s state of vulnerabilities 2018/2019 dataset
found in the following repository This repository contains a
number of Jupyter notebooks containing some analyses. Using these as a baseline:
1. Create four (4) additional charts of your choice showing the highest (e.g. top 20) results on a
given feature. To do this you need to decide the appropriate chart/visualization type.
2. Develop and test two (2) additional hypotheses through the appropriate statistical hypothesis
testing approach. These can include a Factor Analysis exercise if necessary.
You need to produce your own Jupyter notebook version containing both the code and interpretation of
the outputs.

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