Cyber Forensics and Information Technology


Assignment Information
 You should submit your assignment online using the Assignment course tool.
 You should submit your assignment as ONE word-processed document containing all of the required question answers.
 You must keep a copy of the final version of your assignment as submitted and be prepared to provide it on request.
The University treats plagiarism, collusion, theft of other students’ work and other forms of dishonesty in assessment seriously. For guidelines on honesty in assessment including avoiding plagiarism, see:

 M57 Patents
Assume that you’re a Forensic Investigator given the following case
Founded by Pat McGoo, is a new patent search company that researches patent information for their clients. Specifically, the business of patent search is to generally verify the novelty of a patent (before the patent is granted), or to invalidate an existing patent by finding prior art (proof that the idea existed before the patent). At the start of the scenario, the firm has four employees: CEO (Pat McGoo), IT Administrator (Terry), and two patent researchers (Jo, Charlie). The firm is planning to hire additional employees at a later date once further clients are booked. Since the company is looking to hire additional employees, they have an abundant amount of technology in the inventory that is not being used.
Employees work onsite and conduct most business exchanges over email. All employees work in Windows environments, although each employee prefers different software (e.g. Outlook vs. Thunderbird).

Description – Case: Illegal Materials (Methamphetamine)

 A functioning workstation originally belonging to was purchased on the second-hand market in early December, 2009. The buyer (Mr. Aaron Greene) realizes that the previous owner of the computer had not erased the drive, and finds suspicious documents and videos related to drug use (specifically Methamphetamine) when looking through the folders and opening the various applications. Mr. Greene reports this to the police, who take possession of the computer.
Police forensics investigators determine the following:

  • The computer originally belonged to
  • The computer was used in 2009 by Jo, an M57 employee, as a work machine.
  • The computer was sold as-is to Mr. Aaron Greene on the 1st of December.

The police provide you with a disk image from the computer purchased by Mr. Aaron Greene, as created on December 2nd, 2009. The image has the extension “dd”. It has been shared with you that Mr. Aaron is considered to have acted suspiciously and answered questions inconsistently throughout all interactions with the detectives.

Materials – Drive Image

The materials you will use for your investigations are:
ICT378_Assignment Data Files , Uploaded on the LMS
 Deliverable – Report Task Description:
 You should follow forensics procedures, such as taking a hash of the image before using it and checking regularly to ensure you have not modified it. You can select and use any proprietary or open source tools that you have been introduced to or find yourselves to perform the analysis and extract any evidence present.
Your report should detail the investigation process and the findings (including copies of relevant evidence), including obstacles and problems that you encountered and how you overcame them. You can assume that the reader has a light understanding of digital forensics, so any complicated terms/techniques/etc should be explained.
You must include some screenshots in your reports with the output of the tools or the processes and when necessary to support/show how you reached your conclusions. Screenshots should not be used to excess – they merely serve to demonstrate your understanding of the tools/processes and should be used to support written explanations (not in place of).
You will be marked based on the evidence you extract, the use of appropriate tools, the detail of the process, the explanation on its relevance to the case and documentation.
Remember, your report should present the information in an unbiased way. Improper handling/validation of evidence would result in loss of marks except where accurately identified and corrected.
**This assignment can be accomplished as an individual work or in pairs.
Marking Criteria:
The following table summarizes the marking criteria of the final report.

Sections Marks
Cover Page, Table of Contents, Executive summary 10%
Methodology 10%
Findings (use of appropriate tools and details of the process)
•      Discussions (the explanation on findings’ relevance to the case)
•      Supporting Evidence (accurate data acquisition)
Summary & Appendix 10%
References & Formatting 10%
Total 100%


Sample Structure for Report

 Outline: Use the following as a starting-point to structure your report

Cover Page

  • Title
  • Date
  • Student Name / Student Number


Table of Contents

  • Main contents listed with page number • Be sure to include visible page numbers on all pages


Executive summary

  • Brief Description of the event
  • Brief methodology of the investigation
  • Brief evidence collection and preservation methods
  • Conclusion with short, generalized reasons (like bullet-points)


Methodology details

  • Investigation
  • Evidence collection and preservation


Finding 1 – Description

  • Discussion (e.g. Inculpatory or Exculpatory)
  • Supporting evidence


Finding n – Description

  • Discussion (e.g. Inculpatory or Exculpatory)
  • Supporting evidence


Summary and Conclusion

  • Discuss if there is there any evidence of illegal drug activity (Methamphetamine).
  • How sound / reliable do you believe your evidence collection to be? Is the person innocent or guilty? Explain your position on thi.


  • Description of persons of interest (often shown in table format)


  • Association Diagram of persons of interest
  • Evidence listing
  • Evidence Timeline (present any evidence in a time line format, signposting the points where you believe any offence may have occurred and other significant dates/times in the case).
  • Software and tools used in the investigation
  • Other important listings and information as needed

Your report should be your own and you should use appropriate citation and referencing formats. All sources that you use as supporting material to your reports must be referenced according to convention. Failure to do so will result in loss of marks! You should use the APA as a referencing style.

  1. Paragraph text: Font size 12 with Calibri or Times New Roman font. 1.5 line spacing. Justify alignment (ctrl+j in word).
  2. Use Word (or equivalent) styles for headings, paragraphs, etc. to ensure consistency.
  3. Number chapters (1, 2, etc.) and sub-chapters (e.g. 1.1, 2.1, 2.2) – and consistently.
  4. Figures should have a figure number and a caption (right click and insert caption in Word).
  5. Write in the third person.

6. Word limit: maximum 3500 words

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