Cultural/Educational Autobiography

“Cultural/Educational Autobiography:  To effectively work with people and families from diverse cultures and geographies, it is helpful to understand your own story.Â
Reflect on and comment on how you think your personal background and experience
may affect how you think about and interact with people with disabilities.  In doing so,Â
respond to the following prompts:
1. Describe your family history, including ethnic origin, geography and immigration.
2. Describe your home: where you grew up, family artifacts, traditions, and celebrations.
3. Describe the role of discrimination in your life, such as in your family, cultural, or ethnic group.
4. Describe family mores, values or taboos, how they were transmitted, and how they affected your development. As appropriate, include the roles of gender, age, sexuality, courtship, dating, romance, and marriage, as well as their implications.
5. Describe your current family or living structure.
6.  Reflect and comment on why you are taking this course, and also comment on any experience you’ve had with disabilities if you have not already done so.
*background:Chinese &  immigrant*
This is a disability health education course
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