Cultural conflict narrative

Construct a short narrative (~2-4 pages) that accentuates specific aspects of two cultures – these aspects could include food, music, language, education, art, etc.
The narrative must center around a conflict that arises from cultural differences.
Choose one (1) of the following options:
Tell a personal story about yourself interacting with a person/people from a different culture.
Tell a story about a fictional character interacting with a person/people from a different culture than your character. You have complete artistic license with this option. However – cultural differences must be the focus.
Be sure your narrative incorporates the following requirements:
Establishes a point of view, uses detailed setting, and leads readers with a conflict/problem
Uses dialogue (CORRECTLY FORMATTED) that propels the story forward
Uses a balance of “show vs. tell;” frequently uses precise phrases, telling details, sensory language, and the present tense to convey plot, setting, tone, and characters
Sentence structure is varied and shows some sophistication.
Vocabulary is precise and well-chosen
The conclusion of the story has a “mic drop” or “so what” ending

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