CS 3410 Introduction to Database Systems

CS 3410 Introduction to Database Systems
Project #1: Database Analysis and Design with E-R Diagram
To develop a database for a certain company, the following facts have been obtained after the requirement collection and analysis phase:
1. The company is organized into departments. Each department has a department name, a unique department ID number, and a particular employee who manages the department. We keep track of the starting date when the employee began managing the department. A department may have multiple locations in different cities.
2. A department may control a number of projects, each of which has a project name, a unique project ID number, and a single location. Some departments may not control any projects at all. Each project is controlled by one and only one department.
3. Each employee has the following information: name (first name, last name, and middle name), SSN, date of birth, gender, address, and salary. An employee is assigned to one department. An employee may work on several projects, which are not necessarily controlled by the same department. An employee may also not have to work on any project at all. A project must have at least one employee working on it. We keep track of the number of hours per week that an employee works on each project. We also keep track of the direct supervisor of each employee.
4. We want to keep track of the dependents of each employee for insurance purpose. Each dependent has the following information: first name, gender, date of birth, and relationship to the employee.
Based on the above description, draw an E-R diagram by using either Microsoft Visio or Dia.
1. Please make sure you follow the description in the assignment exactly, without adding any extra information not provided here. For example, a dependent only has the four given attributes, and you should not add any extra information such as last name or SSN.
2. For each relationship, you need to include all of the following if applicable: cardinality, cardinality constraints, and attributes. For example, a possible relationship between an employee and a department may look like:
3. When drawing, please use the Crow’s Foot notation, as is in the text and the example above.
4. Once done with the drawing, please export to a PDF file for submission. Please DO NOT submit your source file, because it cannot be displayed in D2L for online annotation.
5. If you prefer to use a drawing tool other than Visio or Dia, it will be fine as long as the tool comes with a specific package for E-R diagram drawing, and supports the Crow’s Foot notation.
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