critical review of an example of sustainable urban development (SUD).

This assessment requires you to prepare and submit a critical review of an example of sustainable urban development (SUD). Several examples of SUD have been used in the teaching materials but you are free to choose any example of SUD you wish, subject to the following criteria:
1. Your choice must be a mixed use development (e.g. contain residential, commercial and other uses).
2. It can be an urban extension or an infill development but it must have been developed since 2010 (within last decade).
3. It can be anywhere in the world geographically and can be a brownfield or greenfield development.
4. Importantly the development should have commenced and substantial phases of development should have been completed. You must not choose a development where there has been no physical development (e.g. only a Masterplan and visualisations currently exist).
Furthermore, your report should be in professional report style, containing all the aspects you would normally expect in a professional report e.g. contents page, page numbers, section headings, sub headings, etc.
Your professional report should cover the following points:
1. A brief Introduction to the scheme and its urban location.
2. The urban footprint and the socio-economic conditions prevailing in the surrounding area.
3. Key transport and infrastructure networks relating to the development.
4. Planning strategies and policies that have framed the project at all relevant spatial scales.
5. Review of how the initiative has been funded.
6. Key milestones in timeline – from inception to delivery (or current phase).
Assessment Brief
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7. Critical analysis of the performance of the project in terms of its relative success and consideration of any barriers that the development has had to overcome.
8. Reflection of how well the chosen examples exhibits the fundamentals of SUD and place making.
9. Summary of findings and conclusion.
You should avoid being overly descriptive in your report; please note that half the marks are allocated for critical analysis and evaluation. Please make appropriate use of visual materials such as maps, plans, photographs, tables, charts and diagrams to illustrate key points in your report. In constructing your report, you must ensure you avoid telling a story about your chosen sustainable urban development and focus on evaluating its performance in terms of the criteria which have been outlined in this brief.
Mapping to Programme Goals and Objectives
1. Analyse complex urban problems and apply comprehensive planning knowledge to the housing and surveying profession
2. Analyse and apply the real estate development process to the evaluation of potential and existing development sites
3. Understand the importance of the principles of Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) and Placemaking to ensure new developments are futureproofed and resilient.
4. Demonstrate the capacity for independent, evidence based and research led, analysis and decision making in relational to real world planning and development scenarios.

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