Critical Inquiry

Discussion Questions:
Question 1: Marijuana is often called a “gateway drug” that leads to other addictions such as alcohol, nicotine, and “harder” drugs. However, several states in the US have legalized marijuana for medical use and a few for recreational use in small quantities. If you were a police officer in the United States, would you advocate legalization? Is marijuana really a gateway drug? What could the long-term effects of legalization be?
Question 2: Eight nations have successfully detonate nuclear weapons and several others are believed to have them. Only one country has ever developed nuclear weapons and then dismantled them. Many nuclear powers feel that the world will be safer by limiting the development of nuclear weapons in other countries. Countries involved in regional conflicts feel that nuclear weapons make them safer and prevent conventional wars. To what extent is it possible to limit the spread of nuclear technology and fissionable materials? How could this be managed? Do you feel that the possession of nuclear weapons by major countries in the Gulf region would make the Middle East more or less stable?
Question 3: The vast majority of scientists agree that climate change is occurring and accelerating. Saudi Arabia is particularly vulnerable with fragile ecosystems and reliance on non-renewable water resources. A recent survey indicates that most Saudis believe that they will be affected by climate change. How do you think Saudi Arabia is vulnerable and how would you suggest preparing for the coming changes.
Question 4: Cyber espionage is an extension of traditional espionage. It allows hostile actors to steal information remotely, cheaply, and on an industrial scale. It can be done with little risk to intelligence officers and agents. Globally, how serious is the threat of cyber epsionage at the moment? What can nations do to protect themselves from attacks? Are cyber espionage missions against neighboring countries ethically and legally responsible?
Step 1: Select a topic and begin research
– Select one of the four Discussion Questions above.
– This assignment will be a 5 paragraph essay ranging from 800-1200 words. You will choose 1 of the 4 Discussion Questions. Incorporate at least 3 academic sources. Your essay and sources should all be cited according to APA style.
Open a document in MSWord or Google Docs to use for notes.
– Write a list of search terms.
– Write a list of any good websites that you think would help (e.g. open-source intelligence sites).
– Begin your search. Use advanced search and Google Scholar.
– Copy / paste links to websites that look interesting.
Make notes next to the links about the contents.
Step 2: Collect five or more high-quality sources
Download copies of the best sites to read offline.
Look for PDF download links.
Look for PRINT buttons and save them as a PDF.
Right-click and choose print or save as.
Be sure that you can find the website again later for writing your APA references!
Read your sources carefully.
Look for bias, facts, and opinions.
Check the authority of the writer.
Check the facts presented.
Think about how the ideas fit in a larger framework of Security Science.
Please remember that project will be assessed against the file (CILO)
CILO 1-4 Rubrics
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