Critical analysis

Management Report on the Opportunities for Creativity and Innovation in our Work Organisation
and related challenges.
1. Need to demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical appreciation of the process of creativity and innovation and the challenges, drawing on contemporary theories to support evaluation and synthesis.
2. Critically analyze and evaluate our work organization, its competition, and business environment blocks and draw sensible conclusions that become the basis for feasible recommendations to drive growth and development in your work organization.
3. Need to include an in-depth critical analysis in the context of our work organization supported by quality academic sources introduced in guided learning and extended through independent research, critically evaluating alternative contemporary perspectives in order to draw meaningful conclusions and develop feasible recommendations.
4. Present the analysis and plan in a report format of approximately 1,500 words (+/-10%) excluding references and appendices. Concise report writing is an important business skill. Will need to do the analysis in the context of our organization before starting to write the report.
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