creatively present your position (argument) about animal rights. animal abuse, violence against animals, or any issues about animals.

I WILL BE DISCUSSING ANIMAL SLAUGHTER HOUSES (CAFO). I would like for you to make sound like a collage student, but not a perfectionist. I would like to deliver m discussion (argument). I honestly do not like how compact animals are in slaughter houses and I believe animals should be free.I do not support slaughterhouses. I’m slowly transitioning to vegan. I hope that helps. Please, I hope you can make it sound like me and not too professional. This essay is to be done MLA format with in-text citation, as well as works cited. Please read out to me for any questions.
* Present argument and the sources that support it
*find a direct quote on research
* add to essay, there being slaughterhouses in Orange County and Riverside and its illegal to take pictures of the places.
*1200-1500 word essay
On the final paragraph, ask the reader to consider your points in a profound way, or presents a solution.
2nd essay: I will copy and paste what my professor asked us to do. I will add resources (including videos)that I need to use. Perhaps you can read the articles and see what best fits on the essay you’ll be helping me write. I would like for you to also add other resources too. This essay is very important!
The Final Essay (part of the Final Essay Package) demonstrates your ability to find, organize, and present research on a particular topic.
You will identify one of the four options for the final essay package and try to tie yourself to it personally, as a consumer, or as a member of society. You do not have to take a hard line; you should objectively present the controversy.
The final essay will incorporate at least four sources from the course reading and at least two multimedia pieces. You may incorporate additional sources from the academic databases and videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
While the essay still is written in the standard five-to-seven paragraph essay formula, your argument must be organized to end the essay on a strong point. This means as you present your support for particular points of your argument, you must objectively present counter points to your argument. Please understand, if “there are no counter points,” you do not have an argument.
The second last paragraph (or the text preceding your conclusion) should outline your argument and its counters, using the evidence over the topic sentences as you sum up your position.
What Can We Do to Save The Fragile Earth? (That will be the topic)
There is additional information I would like to give you. and of course some resources you’ll use.
This is a little bit of it because there isn’t enough characters to fit all the additional information in this text box.
In your final essay, examine any one of the four topics presented in Modules III and IV: industrial hemp, medical marijuana, water rights in California, the plastic ocean. What impact do any of these issues have on your future. Please use at least four sources from the assigned readings and at least two sources from the assigned films. You may use additional sources from the academic databases, YouTube or Vimeo.
Your final essay will follow the MLA style and will be approximately five pages in length and will include a Works Cited page (in addition to the five pages). Pay careful attention to the rubric
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