Create an ERD diagram and “define business rules” using the following business proposal: Data Modelling The Jonesburgh County Basketball Conference (JCBC) is an amateur basketball association.

The research will consist in 4 different parts:
Task 1
Create an ERD diagram and “define business rules” using the following business proposal:
Data Modelling
The Jonesburgh County Basketball Conference (JCBC) is an amateur basketball association.
Each city in the county has one team as its representative. Each team has a maximum of 12
players and a minimum of 9 players. Each team also has up to three coaches (offensive,
defensive, and physical training coaches). During the season, each team plays two games (home
and visitor) against each of the other teams. Given those conditions, do the following:
Your task
Create an ERD for each of the above statements that describe the current business rules for
Use Crows Foot notations and include all of the following in each part:
All entities with Primary key and any foreign key attributes (make up the attribute you think
The relationships between entities, and make assumptions if not clearly defined but state them in
the business rules.
Identify the cardinality between teams and players and between teams and city
Draw the Crow’s Foot ERDs to represent the JCBC database
Use to create your ERD
Model must identify all PKs, attributes and relationships.
Model must accurately represents all four business rules
and includes all entities, PKs, attributes, relationships, associative entities (if applicable),
cardinalities and optionalities.
BUSINESS RULES must be defined in clear concise statements.
References must use APA 7th Style
Task 2
Discuss whether or not each of the following can be considered a data analytic task. If it is
considered an analytic task, discuss what type of analytic task it is e.g. descriptive, predictive,
diagnostic or prescriptive. If it is not an analytic task, discuss the circumstances under which it
may become an analytic task:
(a) Displaying the trend of student grades over time on a dashboard.
(b) Estimating the number unhealthy cattle in a herd using a drone system.
(c) Using a filter to change the background of image.
(d) Determining the potential cause of market share fluctuations using software tools and domain
(e) Merging the records of John Smith from two different hospitals he has visited.
700 words in total plus references
References to research papers must be used to make argument.
A clearly stated position with a convincing justification must be written. Each argument must be
supported by valid examples and/or references and brief definitions if necessary.
For each scenario:
You must clearly state your position whether or not the scenario is a data analytic task, and what
type of analytic task it is.
You must provide a discussion and justification for whatever position you have chosen.
Justification may be supported by valid references, definitions and/or examples.
No more than 150 words should be used for each scenario.
References must use APA 7th Style
Task 3
Using the dashboard in this link (, compare and contrast
the state of Texas with the state of New York for people aged 50-70 in a report format. Your
analysis should focus on any 5 attributes represented in the dashboard. Literature about
demographics from research papers and the US census official website must be used to aid the
1900 words in total plus references
Screen shots of the dashboard for each data attribute analysed should be added to the report as
illustrations. Remember it’s only TEXAS AND NEW YOURK FOR PPL 50 – 70.
Report as a whole must logically structured, not just divided into attributes. It should read as one
single paper.
Report must have well written introduction and conclusion (no subdivision or titles needed)
Analysis of each attribute is carefully explained drawing comparisons and contrasts where
All attributes must be addressed as a whole in a conclusion that draws insights regarding the
major differences between Texas and New York.
Your report should begin with a suitable brief introduction that outlines your report. Your
introduction should also justify your choice of the 5 attributes being discussed.
Your report should conclude with a brief suitable conclusion that summarises your findings and
any insights derived.
In your analysis of each attribute you are encouraged to make references to the national statistics
as compared to the states.
You are also expected to explain any trends you may have found.
You are expected to use diagrams and images to aid in your explanations.
Your report must be logically structured.
The entire report should be no longer than 2000 words excluding any references and diagrams.
References must use APA 7th Style
Task 4
Following Task 2, can you list and explain any 3 data management or governance issues that
may be associated with any of the collection, storage, processing and visualisation of the
underlying data that was used in the analysis.
Research papers and literature in data governance and management must be used to aid the
600 words in total, 200 words for each issue.
All three valid data governance and/or management issues must be clearly explained and must
relevant to the data used in task 2. Countermeasures should be provided as applies to the data
governance/management issue. Examples should be provided to illustrate each point where
References must use APA 7th Style
For each data governance or management point raised:
You should explain the issue with relevance to the data used in task 2.
You should explain any consequence and/or countermeasures as it applies to the data.
Where possible examples are encouraged.
No more than 200 words should be used for each scenario.
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