Create a menu

“Design a 5-day (Monday – Friday) menu that will feed:
one-year-old children
three-year-old children
seven-year-old childrenÂ
Follow the criteria of the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) and use Table 9-1 from your textbook for information regarding the CACFP requirements. Remember what you learned when you viewed In Defense of Food! 🙂
Include breakfast, lunch, and two snacks per day – morning and afternoon
Each snack/meal item must include the specific amount to be served per child.
Label each menu with the target age group, days of the week, and name/time(s) of meal service (i.e. 10:00 am Morning Snack)
Create one menu for each age group – your assignment should be 3 pages long with one menu on each page. These menus should be labeled and organized in a way that they would be ready to post “”as is”” on a parent bulletin board.”
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