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“THIS IS A GRAPH so USE EXCEL. FOLLOW ALL STEPS. THE WRITING GOES ON THE DATA TAB.Follow the directions to create your own graph. Make one for Scott’s reading and one with data you make up. Try to include both a maladaptive behavior and a replacement behavior. Submit your graphs.Create a Graph Line Graph and give it a titleOn Data tab, make up some data. Make up some number that you might get when you collect baseline or intervention data. It is great if you have both a maladaptive behavior and a positive behavior (replacement behavior) to graph.Label the X and Y axes. The X axis should be days of week or sessions… some time element related to when the data was collected.The Y axis should be the number of the behavior, percent , or something like that. Your label should describe the date you hypothetically collected.Under source, put your name.Fill in your data.Play with graphing target behaviors and replacement behaviors. See if you can graph baseline and intervention data. Have some fun!Here is an example to get you started. Choose line graph and type in the following information:Scott’s Talking Out Behavior in Reading GroupX Axis: Days of the WeekY Axis: FrequencyMonday3Tuesday6Wednesday14Thursday4Friday16”
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