Covid-19 pandemic

Do you think that the lock down during the Covid-19 pandemic was an essential measure in spite of the hardship it brought economically?. What would you have done differently and why? Please no plagiarism, no spelling or grammar errors.

What you should not before Writing

The above question is on covid-19 pandemic question. Try toΒ  answer it in approximately 1500 words so that you can cover all the points. What should come to your mind will be where do the question lie. Which type of an essay. So that you can know what to include and not to include.

Make sure every paragraph has a point it is describing. You should also include the thesis statement to the paper.

The paper should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should have a thesis statement ,body should have real discussion of the topic. Conclusion should be concluding the topic and finalizing the topic.



Covid-19 pandemic

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