Course Reflection Journal

A journal is a personal record of learning experiences including notes, observations, thoughts, and ideas reflective of the materials presented in class. You will keep a journal recording your thoughts and application of concepts discussed in class.
The purpose of the Course Reflection Journal is:
To lock-in and deepen your understanding of each lesson’s learning outcomes.
To explore how positive psychology practices inspire self-reflection on the role of happiness in your own life.
To help students conceptualize how happiness is practiced differently across cultures and borders.
Weight: This journal is 25% of your Final Grade. To see the rubric that will be used to grade the assignment click here.
Due Date: Your Course Reflection Journal must be submitted to Blackboard by March 15, 2021. There is no on-campus meeting for this assignment.
If your assignment is submitted late, you will lose 5% per day it is late.
Plagiarism: Plagiarism is when a student submits an assignment that they have not fully completed themselves. All student submissions are checked for plagiarism by Safe Assign and faculty review. If plagiarism is suspected, the situation will be reported to the Academic Misconduct Committee. If plagiarism is confirmed after review, students may receive a zero or reduced grade on the assignment.
Plagiarism can include:
Submitting an assignment submitted in a previous semester (self-plagiarism)
Copy-pasting information from resources (online or print) without using quotations and citations
Modifying and/or submitting another student’s assignment as your own work
Submitting purchased assignments or done by other people

For each of the topics below, write a guided reflection journal entry using the entry pages in this document. You are highly encouraged to write your journal and complete activities the week the content is discussed in class.
Although the journal entries are not expected to be free of grammar mistakes, they should be coherent, well thought-out, written in first person and in full sentences.
You will need to reflect and respond to the questions regarding your understanding of the topic for that week. For each of these topics you will also complete an activity in order to better understand the concept.
Topics Suggested completion date
Positive Emotions 01/28
Engagement 02/18
Relationships 02/25
Happiness & Physical Health 03/04
Meaning 03/04
Accomplishment 03/11
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