Course: IS 240 – IS Analysis and Design

  King Saud University
College of Computer and Information Sciences
Department of Information Systems
Course: IS 240 – IS Analysis and Design –
Course Project

The Department of Physical therapy at King Abdullah’s Hospital have a need for an upgrade to their existing information system to make use of the new inventions and technology in the field. Mr. Fahad is the IT manager at the hospital, and he assigned the new project to Mr. Salem which will be the project manager of the new proposed system. Mr. Salem immediately conducted several meetings with the analysts at the IT department to gather information, discuss and assign tasks and responsibilities and to develop a plan for the project. The new system is to be called Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). It should include several needed functions that will help the staff as well as management. After meeting the health workers at the department, Mr. Salem and his team have reached the following conclusions:
the new system should allow the physio therapist to retrieve the full history of the patient and display it in one screen with the ability to expand any section to see further details. Upon examining the patient, the system should record the details of each visit of the patient which include current and previous treatment plans, his/her vital signs (heart rate etc.) and the physio therapist conducting the examination. During each visit, if it was the first session then the physio therapist will write a S.O.A.P note using the system and will write a progression note otherwise. Writing the S.O.A.P note goes as follows: first the therapist will enter his ID, then the system will show the information of the current patient (according to the time of appointments) such as his/her age, occupation, and any history of injuries. Then the therapist will examine the patient and enter his/her assessment into the system, the therapist will enter the assessment of multiple parts of the body first (such as upper/lower body) then will enter detailed information about the chief complaint of the patient such as pain description, pain location, patterns that make pain worse, stiffness level of affected muscle. Then the system will provide a suggestion treatment plans, and the therapist could choose a pre-defined treatment plan or could enter a new one.
writing a progression note goes as follows: the therapist will enter his/her ID, then the system will show the S.O.A.P note along with the patient’s history. then the therapist will examine the chief complaint of the patient and enter his/her assessment into the system (including the aforementioned details). Then the therapist will make adjustment to the treatment plan if necessary. Then the system will show the full history and the treatment plan, so that the therapist can inform the patient.
The system also should allow the physio therapists to create and update treatment plans for the patients. A physio therapist could create many different treatment plans and a patient could only have one plan at a time. When creating a treatment plan, the physio therapist has the option to include an experimental new treatment plan for the patient which will require the patients consent (done electronically through the system). A treatment plan for a patient includes details such as required sessions, effected area/body part, current diagnosis and prescriptions.
The system should also help with the scheduling of work by providing the ability for managers to create schedules for the physio therapists, it should help make the department more efficient by organizing and dividing the workload. Each physio therapist has an assigned schedule, which the system should keep track of the hours worked for each therapist and if a worker has clocked more than the assigned schedule states, the manager will be notified. Also, each month, the department has an assessment meeting, and the managers need a workload report before the meeting to help them with the assessment.

You are required to do the following:

  • Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
  1. What are the main functional requirements for the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS)? (Identify at least four functional requirements).
  2. Identify two non-functional requirements for the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS).
  • Use Cases
  1. Using the event decomposition technique, identify three external events, one temporal event, and one state event.
  2. Provide a fully developed use case description for any use case your choosing (make sure to use a complex use case as the diagram is intended for them) showing the actors, related use cases if any, pre and post conditions as well as exceptions.
  3. Draw a use case diagram that contains every use case and user you can identify. (minimum 10 use cases)


  • Domain Modeling
    1. Draw a Domain Model Class Diagram showing classes with attributes and multiplicity as well as any type of relationship (association, whole-part, and generalization/specialization) as appropriate.
  • System Sequence Diagrams and State machine Diagrams
  1. Draw a detailed System Sequence Diagram for any use case of your choosing (make sure to choose a use case that has multiple messages and inputs and outputs between the system and user).
  2. Draw a State machine Diagram that shows the states of a treatment plan object from the start to the end in the system

Due Dates
20 of May 2021

Question Total
1 10% (A 5%, B 5%)
2 35% (A 5%, B 10%, C 15%)
3 35% (A 35%)
4 20% (A 12.5% , B 12.5%)

General Rules

  • Please submit your solution to the course page in Blackboard, there should be a page named ‘Project’ and you can submit the files as an assignment submission. Use the template provided in the same page (Project) as a guideline.
  • This is a group assignment. Each group consists of maximum of five students. As such, the team leader of the group should submit the solution, please don’t forget to add your group members’ information such as names and students id. Include the section number as well.
  • If your submission is late, then a late penalty of 10% per day applies.
  • There will be a discussion session (Scheduled presentations) for the groups and you will be required to present your solution (each team member has to attribute in the presentation).
  • As stated in the beginning of the course, groups can only be formed by students from the same section.
  • If another group uses your group’s work or if there are any similarity, both your group and their group will get ZERO mark.
  • Please note that I will only answer questions related to how to draw the diagrams and the content of the course and not questions related to the narrative of this project.

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