Coronavirus New Trends in The World of Work and Learning

Coronavirus New Trends in The World of Work and Learning
Coronavirus commonly known as Covid-19 is a virus causing flu-like symptoms affecting the respiratory system. In late 2019 the virus originated from a province in China called Wuhan and later spread to other parts of the world. The virus brought new trends on how people gather in public places, commute and more so learning and working. In the world of work and learning, people were forced to adapt to the new change of working and studying from home. My goal is to discuss how this new change has helped me prepare for the new world of work. To achieve this goal, I have pointed out some of the trends that have shaped me to face the norm in jobs.
Through learning from home, it has made it possible to learn how to conduct online interviews. Today there are no many one-on-one interviews and hence people looking for jobs are encouraged to conduct an online interview which requires much attention and know-how. Studying from home requires an electronic gadget like a laptop which is essentially also required in the new trend of working from home and also in carrying out an online interview where most interviewers often ask interviewees to have an electronic gadget connected to a camera and internet. All this has shaped many in carrying out their work from the comfort of their home.
Working from home has evolved to working as a β€œlone ranger”. This means that one is limited to colleagues or working as a team. In some cases, studying from home is just you and the lecturer or the assignment is given where as working from home is just you and the work is given. Through this new experience, it has shaped me to work alone and depend mostly on myself while working.
Studying from home requires knowledge in internet supporting gadgets. This knowledge is used in research and submission of assignments. Working from home entirely borrows this knowledge gained from studying from home. Research and submission of work given is an entity of working from home. Through this, I have learnt how to use internet gadgets in research and submitting the work done to my superiors in the comfort of my room.
In conclusion, from the above three trends working from home heavily borrows from studying from home.
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