Consumer Demand Analysis

This course project assignment is focused on total economic output. This week you will be asked to continue your research of the iPhone 6 plus.Include the following:Research and discuss how economic fluctuations affect the sale of the iPhone 6 plus.Discuss what type of unemployment would result if the economies of the United States and China began to contract and why.Identify the four causes of unemployment and state whether or not any of the causes of unemployment affect the market of the iPhone 6 plus.Describe how unexpected inflation in the United States would affect the sale of the iPhone 6 plus.Your paper should include:Title pageIntroductory paragraph that previews topics to be discussed in your paperEach of the four topics must be at least 2 or more sentences (sentences should read paragraphs) in length, a paragraph should be at least 4 or more full complete sentences in lengthConclusion to summarize key topicsIn-text citations and references to include reference pageAt least 700 words or more in lengthAPA formatFor more information on APA formatting, please click the Resources tab in this course and check out the Library Resources area.
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