computer research paper

You are required to produce a term research project in systems, software, and network communications, building upon and complementing the material covered in class. The projects lead to better understanding and utilization of digital computing systems/architectures and application software, and they can be used in the design and application of computing and networking systems or as the foundation for more advanced computing/networking-related studies.
Project must culminate with a submission of a written report.

  1. Describe information system architectures, hardware, and software components and functions.
  2. Compare the components and functions of computer networks, topologies, networking devices, and physical network standards.
    This assignment should help you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline:
  3. The workings of contemporary information technology architectures and environments
  4. The client/server architectures, enterprise systems, workgroup, and personal systems supporting operational business processes
    Budget your time wisely for the project with the following three tasks.
  5. Submit a proposal
    You are required to submit a well-organized proposal to clearly describe the project to be undertaken. The proposal will be two pages long and should include:
    • List of the team people
    • The topic to be covered
    • A statement of why the topic is interesting or important
    • A description of the methods to be used for evaluating the proposed idea (for projects with original research)
    • Any possible investigation, development, or experimentation to be conducted, and the expected results
    • Reference articles you might have obtained and read
    • Proposals will be reviewed and must be approved by the instructor.
    The due day of the proposals is the last day of the Mid-term exam week. Proposals turned in earlier than the due day will get feedback sooner.
  6. Conduct the project
    To help with keeping the projects on schedule, you might optionally submit a one-page status report of the project for “mid-work” feedback. This status report should clearly describe the progress you are making, which is viewed but NOT graded.
  7. Submit the final report
    Report Guidelines
  8. Report Structure
    The final project reports should be readable and self-contained. People would be able to understand the reports and benefit from the results you obtain and conclude. Therefore, you need to include adequate references and/or background materials, and you might use tables, diagrams, graphs, and figures to enhance readers’ comprehension of your project.
    Reports should consist of an abstract, body sections, and optional appendices. The length of the report should be the equivalent of 10 pages at single-column, single-spaced, 10-point. The following format is suggested. You do not have to follow it exactly. Some sections may not be needed, or additional sections may be necessary. In all cases, please type and paginate your report.
    Abstract. The abstract should summarize the contributions of the report in one or two paragraphs. It comes first in your report, but you usually write it last.
    Introduction. It includes the background material and discusses the scope and limitations of your project.
    Discussion: the body of your report. This includes the methodology used and the results. Be sure to fully describe any figures, tables, or diagrams you include.
    Conclusions: the last part of your report in one paragraph. In the conclusion section, you restate your works and summarize your main points of evidence for the reader.
    Recommendations (optional), especially for future works and unsolved problems. It could be included in the conclusion section.
    References (must always be included), annotated if possible.
    Appendices (optional). It includes the supporting material as needed.
  9. Report writing style
    Either IEEE writing format or APA/MLA format are accepted for the report.
  10. Report submission format
    Please submit your report in a Microsoft Word Document (doc or docx) or a PDF file.

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