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CS 319 Essay 3 Spring 2018
Structure: 4.5 – 7 pages (typed, 1.5 spacing, proofread, and grammatically correct), 5 citations: at least 3 from 3 different assigned articles). PENALTY FOR LATE PAPERS. Use ethics of consequence, purpose and principle to support your proposal and provide an outline of the paper.
Choose A, B or C:
A. School Scenario
You are a teacher and would like your students to use a software package to improve their math skills, but the school’s budget does not include enough money to buy copies for all the students. Your school is in a poor neighborhood, and you know that most of the parents cannot afford to buy the software for their children. (Baase)
Should you copy the software? Decide not to use it? Or, can you come up with another solution?
B. Library Scenario
You are in charge of the computers at a large, inner-city library. Most of the people who live in the neighborhood do not have a computer at home. They go to the library when they want to access the Internet. About two-thirds of the people surfing the Web on the libraryโ€™s computers are adults. You have been requested to install filtering software that would block Web sites containing various kinds of material deemed inappropriate for children. You have observed this software in action and know that it also blocks many sites that adults might legitimately want to visit. Make a case for or against installing filtering software or suggest another alternative. Donโ€™t forget to use citations and ethical theories to support your arguments.
C. Ethics of Search during Fundraising Campaign Carefully read the following scenario. Build your case as to whether the procedures used were or were not ethical.
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