Computer and Information Science

Computer and Information Science
Non-Exam Based Assessment Cover Sheet
CIB 4203 Project
Course Name Customer Relationship
Management System
Course Code CIB 4203
Handing out the
Week 4 Project Due Date June 21, 2020
Maximum Marks 100 marks Percentage of Final
 The entire project/case study/poster is designed and developed by me (and my team members).
 The proper citation has been used when I (and my team members) used other sources.
 No part of this project has been designed, developed or written for me (and my team members)
by a third party.
 I have a copy of this project in case the submitted copy is lost or damaged.
 None of the music/graphics/animation/video/images used in this project have violated the Copy
Right/Patent/Intellectual Property rights of an individual, company or an Institution.
 I have the written permission from people who are featuring in this project.
Student Signature: Date:
Student Signature: Date:
Student Signature: Date:
For Examiner’s Use Only
Question No. Presentation Total Marks
Marks Allocated 100 (25%)
Marks Obtained (Student 1)
Marks Obtained (Student 2)
Marks Obtained (Student 3)
CIB 4203 Project Guidelines
Customer Relationship Management
This document provides the guidelines that students have to follow and the tasks they have to complete while working on this project. The instructions provided cover the requirements and guidance on what to perform in this assessment.
CIB 4203 Project Guidelines
Project Guidelines
Customer Relationship Management
General Information
This document provides you with the instructions you need to follow to work on the group project that is assigned to you in the CIB 4203 course this semester. This will guide you through the steps you need to follow to perform all the tasks in a successful and professional way.
This assignment is worth 25% of the course grade.
Project Background:
This course teaches you the basic concept of customer relationship management processes within an organization. The main objective of this project is for students to apply all the concepts and technology knowledge to build a real and running system for a selected company using one CRM solution. Project Instructions:
This assignment is worth 25% of the final grade of the course. In this assignment, students are required to
1.Select a real or fictitious company that can use a CRMsystem to improve their customer relationships.
2.Take all the online tutorials for Bitrix24 and understandits functionalities.
3.Using project management techniques, initiate, plan andexecute a CRM system that uses all the functionalities andtypes of CRM covered in the course(Sales, Marketing,service, analytical, strategic and collaborative CRM)
4.The final outcome should be a documented project and afully running CRM system
You need to document all the tasks listed above. Hence, you need in include the following sub-headings in your written report with appropriate title, screenshots and analysis of what is performed:
Knowledge Areas
The topicstopics that are that are covered in thiscovered in this project assignmentproject assignment are the following:are the following:
 Understand the Understand theCRM Concepts.CRM Concepts.
 Understanding the Understanding theBusiness processesBusiness processes
 Apply the Apply theoperational CRM operational CRMfunctionalitiesfunctionalities
 Apply the Analytical Apply the Analytical CRM functionalitiesCRM functionalities
 Reflecting on the Reflecting on thebenefits incurred benefits incurredfrom implementing from implementingCRM suing a CRM CRM suing a CRMsolution. solution.
Details about what
Details about what to do in each one of to do in each one of these areas are these areas are provided in the next provided in the next sections of this sections of this document.document.
CIB 4203 Project Guidelines
(I)Introduction about the Selected Company and Buildingthe Business Case (10 Marks)
1.Each team has the option to choose a company to develop its Customer relationshipmanagement systems. Examples of these companies can be coffee shop, retail store, SPA,ect. In this section introduce briefly CRM and describe your selected company.
2.Using the knowledge acquired in class perform a situation analysis, identify the main goalsand objectives and develop a business case by highlighting the expected benefits and cost(II)Building the database(10 Marks)
3.Conduct a research on acquiring leads and describe the different ways your company canacquire leads.
4.Build and populate the database using different methods such as importing from externalfiles and social media.(III)Using Operational Functionalities
5.In this Phase, you need to implement at least three functionalities of each Operationalapplication (Sales, Marketing and service). Make sure to demonstrate the use of socialmedia.(IV)Using Analytical and Strategic Functionalities (10 Marks)
6.Generate reports about sales and marketing and identify profitable customers and effectivemarketing segments.(V)Reflection and Conclusion
Write a reflection about your project and identify performance KPI and critical success factors. (VI)Format and Structure of the report
7.Make sure that the report is formatted and structured in a professional way. This includethe organization of the report and the use of English (grammatical and spelling mistakes areeliminated.)
CIB 4203 Project Guidelines
Group Assignment – Rubric for marking the Report
HCT ID: ________________________ Student Name: ____________________
HCT ID: ________________________ Student Name: ____________________
HCT ID: ________________________ Student Name: ____________________ LOs Task # Task Description Maximum Marks Marks obtained CLO 4, CLO6 1 Introduction about the Selected Company and Building the Business Case. 10
Building the database
Conduct a research on acquiring leads anddescribe the different ways your company canacquire leads.
Build and populate the database usingdifferent methods such as importing fromexternal files and social media
10 3 Using Operational Functionalities 10
Using Analytical and Strategic CRM Functionalities
107 Reflection and Conclusion 5
Format and Structure of the report
59 Presentation & Oral DefenseAbility to explain any phase of the projectDemonstrating the running systemAnswering instructor questions50
Total Marks for assignment report
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