compiler design

1. Select an advanced topic in compiling which is not covered in this class and that you would be interested in researching. This may be something you are already working on. You may use search engines or look into topics presented at recent research conferences, such as Com-piler Construction (, Code Generation and Opti- mization (, Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (, Parallel Architectures and Compilation Technologies (, and Programming Language Design and Implementation (
2. Write a one paragraph summary about this topic, including the references you plan to use to research it, and submit
3. Prepare a 5 minute presentation with 6-7 slides and upload a recording of your presentation. You may prepare this using Zoom, YouTube or any other mechanism that allows you to present the slides with your discussion of them. Your slides should be organized as follows.
• Title slide (presentation title and your name)
• Introduction – what problem is being solved and why is it important?
• Background – what does one need to know to understand the problem?
• Approach (1-2 slides) – what are the solutions to the problem?
• Conclusion – what has been accomplished and what is still left to be done?
• References
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