Compare and contrast media deprivation and media overload as they relate to College students.

COMM 1007 (Wednesday 12-3 p.m. Class)
Essay 1 (20%)
Send your 1000-word essay to me in a Word doc attached to an In class in Week 4, we examined the comparative/contrast essay. Read the appropriate chapters posted on the CSI. You may choose either the point-by-point or block method.
Read “Why Being Bored Is Good” by Mark Kingwell from which to borrow to substantiate the points you’re making.
Include the following: Title, APA format (three quotations from the Mark Kingwell article with proper in-text citations), content that follows either block or point-by-point format, and a Reference page (for just the article provided)
1) Compare and contrast media deprivation and media overload as they relate to College students.
2) Compare and contrast the states of boredom and wonder.
Select one of the above.
Use your own ideas.
Use the third person plural form (students . . . they).
Use APA documentation format (see your textbook and the Library Learning Commons link on APA documentation).
Double-space the paper; indent each paragraph; have your Reference page on a separate page.
Ensure you have 1000 words (not counting paraphrases and quotations).
Have a title page with running head, title, name, and College.
Use pagination throughout.
Use either the block or point-by-point (alternating) method for comparison/contrast writing.
Note textbook (page 222) for the essay outlines.
Borrow three times (either paraphrases or short quotations (no longer than four lines of text) from the Kingwell article.
Use in-text citations and create a Reference page. (You may not use sources other than the Kingwell article.)
If you borrow a quotation from someone other than Kingwell, who is mentioned in the article, at the end of your sentence you would put the following: (qtd. in Kingwell, 2020, p. 1).
Proofread your work.
Evaluation Criteria
The essay will be marked on the following:
Content/Organization (block or alternating method used) 5 marks
Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics 5 marks
Style 5 marks
Referencing (in-text citations and Reference page with one entry: Mark Kingwell article in proper APA format)* 5 marks
* All information you’ll need for the Reference page will be provided on Blackboard in Week 6. You just need to place it in the correct order with a hanging indent.
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