“Colin & John” is a small business owned and run by two graduates of Australian Catholic University in a regional town of NSW.-assignment help

Assignment 2

(Semester 1 2020)

The purpose of Assessment 2 is to allow students to experience and to demonstrate their capabilities relevant to, essential aspects of the work of an information system professional.

Case Study

“Colin & John” is a small business owned and run by two graduates of Australian Catholic University in a regional town of NSW. Colin & John prepared and supplied pre-packed home supplies for local customers, such as baby supplies & products, bath & toilet supplies, cleaning accessories, drinkware,
small furniture (i.e., coffee and flower tables), and so on.
In recent years, the demand for pre-packed home supplies has grown. It has been difficult for Colin & John to run operations smoothly with the existing PC and the software at the beginning. Colin & John also had difficulty in managing the pricing information (more complicated than before), details of home supplies (growing products), and communicating with customers (requesting from other regional towns), and suppliers (few delivered from overseas). It was not just operating the PC and the software, but time was becoming scarce for doing things the business used to.
Late year, a competitor had come into the market. Another small business owned by a regional company started to challenge Colin & John’s market share. The competitor sold not only the products to local customers but also provided the service for Australian-wide customers. Therefore, the competitor had taken some business away from Colin & John.
Colin & John realized that they had to keep the business ahead. Colin & John plans to move their business to e-business and provide the service internationally. However, Colin & John did not know much about e-commerce systems and which kind of e-commerce systems might be more helpful. One day they contacted you as you and your friends run an e-business consulting company and asked for providing an e-business solution for Colin & John, including developing a business website.

Assessment Task 2

This is a group project (up to 3 members) with each student to contribute within their area of expertise to the group as determined by the SFIA assessment by developing a component of a system that can stand alone or be integrated to form a complete system.
Students will be assessed on several SFIA skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, effective use of diverse resources, and their approach towards the greater good in providing a business solution.
2500 words project report. Ensure appropriate diagrams, tables, and other relevant artifacts are included. Maintain academic writing with appropriate referencing. You must document your assumptions and how they have affected your report. Each student’s contribution must be clearly identified by all team members.
The prototype of the business website should be provided, including the URL. The project description should include details such as web development programs or e-commerce development tools used for website development and the reasons why those specific tools were chosen.

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