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The length of this assignment should not exceed one page. Type your answer in a Microsoft Word document and attach it to this assignment.
Imagine that you are the IT director at a small company and the president of the company has asked you to summarize the benefits of migrating from an on-site data center to a cloud-based environment. Your paper should summarize in brief detail and in language that is common to non-technical individuals, the salient points of why a cloud environment would be advantageous to a small business that is attempting to grow their revenues and to cut their expenses.
Focus on the benefits regardless of service model (e.g. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and instead focus on the advantages that are inherent to any of these.
The president of the company also heard that many other customers use these cloud environments (e.g. multi-tenant) and she is concerned about other customers being able to view information that is private to your company. Therefore, in your paper, address these concerns and briefly explain why this scenario is of very low risk.
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