change management

I am doing my PhD proposal in a business management school and it will be published. So I need your help and discussion before starting my proposal with you.
please follow the below points to guide you what I need :
1. Subject Area : (change management)
2. Topics : subject around the covid-19 pandemic and how this pandemic impact on change management. ( please suggest more topics to get more options)
3. Hypothesis or objective& aim ( depend on the subject and your advice )
4. Methodology
5. Data analysis software
6. Data collection ( I prefer secondary data ) or primary data depended on the availability of resources.
7. Data collections place ( UK or USA or any place has much resources).
8. How does this project further existing knowledge?
1. I need your Help to finalized the topic and your advice to do this proposal.
2. Make sure this thesis will be published and I am looking to do the whole work with you when we confirmed.
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