CB Project

1MARK 3349-01Consumer BehaviorSpring2021PROJECT GUIDELINES1. This is a team assignment—no exceptions. So,please contribute in a professional manner(discussed session 1). Peer evaluation forms will be submitted towards the end of the semester. 2. Identify the product (or service)you want to work on. Please choose an established brand that will be familiar to most students—and me! 3. Familiarize yourself with the product’s history. Think in term of the marketing mix (the four p’s): product, price, promotion, and place (distribution). Elaborate on how this particular brand has offered the product, at what prices, using what promotions (advertising, coupons, personal selling, etc.), and where (brick-and-mortar retail, Internet, etc.). This will require you to conduct some research on the brand and the product so that you can fully understand how this brand has been doingin the past, and how it is doing in the present time. 4. Identify elements in the four p’s that could be explained using internal influences. For instance, you might find out that the brand does a lot of charity work. That could be because they are trying to establish a favorable attitudetowards their brand. Or you might realize that the brand comes with a catchy slogan. That could be because they are trying to stay more accessible in people’s long-term memory. 5. Similar to point 4, identify elements in the four p’s that could be explained using the external influences, self-concept, life style, and decision making processes.
26. Develop your presentation—about 25minutes. 7. Present your work to the class on April27(groups will randomly be assigned to these dates). 8. Keep in mind you will have about 25 minutes to present your workand answer the above questions. After that, there will be aQ&A. Make sure you have “rehearsed” your presentation with your partner(s) to ensure you cover everything in the allotted time. The above guidelines serve as the rubric for grading the project.
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