Case Study- Eviromental Science

1. What potential dilemmas exist among the seven people?
2. Which groups are most likely to have the most confl ict? Explain.
3. Although Felipe, Manuel, and Lucy are all from the same land, what diff erent views might they have about what is happening? Why?
4. Even though Henry and Luis support U.S. business presence in Costa Rica, can you see them having confl icts about anything?
5. What are the main debates in the above discussion?
6. Should Manuel have taken the land given to him by the state? Why or why not?
7. Should Lucy have done things diff erently? In your opinion, to whom is she most closely allied?
8. Is Henry Copple’s claim that the problems experienced by Manuel and Lucy “are just growing pains” a valid argument?
9. How should people whose land is taken from them be compensated?
10. What measures should be taken to protect the environment? Should similar measures be taken to protect the workers?

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