Case Study

“Select Case Study 3.5, 3.7, 3.8, or 3.9 in “For Cultural Competence: Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions needed to Embrace Diversity.”Â
 **For Cultural Competence: Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions Needed to Embrace DiversityRead pages 21-24, 36-50, and 54-66 in “For Cultural Competence: Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions Needed to Embrace Diversity,” by Williams, located on the Virginia Department of Education website.  Examine the scenario through a lens of cultural competence to determine when/how a deeper cultural understanding would have influenced the teacher’s responses.In a 500-750 word analysis, discuss 2-3 of the following concepts of deep culture in the context of the selected case study: Collective orientation (promoting needs of the group versus promoting needs of the individual)Time orientationRespect for authorityPerceptions and value of educationPriority of familyCommunication (e.g., language development, verbal communication styles, nonverbal communication, physical proximity)Value of work/Work ethicPeer pressureAssimilation dilemma: adaptation versus preservationIn addition, include specific advice to the teacher in your case study to help him or her respond more appropriately to the student/family. Use at least 2-3 scholarly sources (other than the assigned readings) to justify your responses.”
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