Case studies FINAL

Harrah’s case study

Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. Case Analysis from mbartugs

Answer the following
Which of the Harrah’s data applications are most likely implemented using neural networks?
What other applications could Harrah’s develop using the data it is collecting from its customers?
What are some concerns you might have as a customer at this casino?
Real-Time Dashboards at Western Digital. (see the attachment i have attached the answers, please change the words no plagrism )
What is VIS?
In what ways is the architecture of VIS similar to or different from the architecture of BPM?
What are the similarities and differences between the closed-loop processes of BPM and the processes in the OODA decision cycle?
What types of dashboards are in the system? Are they operational or tactical, or are they actually scorecards? Explain.
What are the basic benefits provided by Western Digital’s VIS and dashboards?
What sorts of advice can you provide to a company that is getting ready to create its own VIS and dashboards?
Writing Requirements
The deliverable will be a written paper 6 pages that will be written according to APA guidelines. This does not include Title, Abstract and Reference pages.
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