Case Scenario for Antenatal Care Plan

Case Scenario for Antenatal Care Plan:
Mrs Rana, 25 years old, G3P2A0L2, 32 weeks Gestational Age, Graduate, Admin assistant, no known allergies, complaining of Labor pains since 6 am this morning, moderate pains. Fetal movements present. Presented to ER at 7 am today.
Medically free, had appendectomy 3 years back. LMP 10.3.2020, Weight: 58.5 kg, height: 152.7 cm, Blood group A Positive, Hb 103gm/L, Platelets 177/L, RBC 4.30/L, Hct 0.397L/L,
Vital signs: 36.5C, pulse 80/mt, respiration 22/mt, BP 122/84 mmHg.
Head and scalp mild clean, pale conjunctiva, No Thyroid enlargement, normal heart S1 S2 sounds, lungs clear.
Breasts symmetrical, no cracks in nipple, colostrum not present. No masses found, secondary areola present. Tympany Abdominal palpation reveals normal findings, cephalic presentation, LOA position. Fundal height 30 cm. External genitalia shows no signs of infection. Membranes present, Negative Homen’s sign. She is anxious and worried because of labor pains before the term. She said “I am worried my baby is too small, will baby be alright?”.
CTG findings reveal Baseline 120/mt, no accelerations, no decelerations and variability 15/mt. Mild Uterine contractions for 8 seconds, 2/10 minutes.
Taking Tab Ferrous Sulphate 50 mg OD and folic acid normal dose supplementation.
Ultrasound reveals single fetus, cephalic presentation, CRL within normal limits, Liquor pockets adequate.
Task: Write the Nursing Care Plan for Mrs. Rana based on the priority.
(Minimum 2 Nursing Diagnoses)
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