capstone project on psychology

it is a capstone project on psychology. Below is the instruction
The purpose of the capstone project is for the student to demonstrate proficiency in several counselling skills to successfully complete the practicum course and graduate. The capstone will include: a) a case conceptualization, and, b) a final client report, based on a client for whom counselling was provided, during the student’s practicum.
The Capstone Project is a 25-30 page written report formatted to the most recent edition of APA style guidelines (i.e., 6th edition). The page count excludes the reference list.
The report/plan shall contain the following sections:
o A case conceptualization based on one’s new found counselling orientation. The conceptualization should include information on the use of a specific counselling theoretical orientation (i.e., psychodynamic; cognitive-behavioural; humanistic, etc.) to illustrate how the practicum counsellor identifies how the clients’ difficulties (specifically, symptoms, and problems in living) have developed and been maintained. The student will provide information about the interventions used and how the case conceptualization informed goal-setting and treatment planning. Depending on theoretical orientation a case conceptualization, in addition to highlighting symptoms and problems in living, will include varied ways to understand the health and well-being of the client and may include (but is not limited to) such factors as: medical/health matters or diagnosis, critical events, relationships, work/school, spirituality, psychometric testing, meaningful activities, and capacity in daily living.
o A topical literature review which supports and elaborates upon the decision to engage a specific theoretical orientation. The review must be specific to the presenting concerns, culture, and fit for the client. Prediction of client change will be considered through the lens of research evidence, specific to the client.
o A case summary must address: issues in the therapeutic relationship; specific counselling interventions, with examples; transference-countertransference issues; client progress; diversity issues; collaboration with other professionals involved in the care of the client, if any; and recommendations for continued care (i.e., skills groups, continuance to another professional’s care, adjunct therapies, etc.). The student will evidence their skills and competencies through the written case report.
o A practicum counsellor’s reflection of their learning journey will be provided along with specific goals described to continue in professional development, including which skills most require growth and enhancement.
1. Integrate theory, research literature, and practice in case conceptualization, planning, and counselling interventions.
2. Choose an appropriate course of action and apply sound ethical decision making strategies to resolve ethical dilemmas.
3. Identify how diversity, cultural and contextual frameworks and factors influence conceptualization, goal-setting, and treatment.
4. Summarize counselling processes and client progress in the capstone project to demonstrate proficiency to function as an entry-level counsellor in the field.
5. Integrate constructive feedback into written work.
6. Explain how experiences,feedback, and readings contribute to responsiveness and potential change in counselling interactions.

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